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CX Deck Rules

Firms delivering a differentiated client experience consistently outperform their peers in revenue and profit growth, employee retention and recruiting, referrals, and pursuit wins. Beyond that, creating a client-centric culture provides meaning and purpose beyond “the business case.”

Your CX Deck contains tools with the potential to revolutionize your firm; orienting leaders, teams, and staff toward the client in everything they do.

Gameplay is simple. Once a week, at a staff or leadership meeting, play one card. Each exercise is designed to take only a few minutes, and start necessary conversations within.

Each “suit” in your CX Deck covers a different element of good CX strategy: Practice Empathy, CX Moments, Gather Feedback, and Client Stories

When you gather with your team, read the prompt, discuss, and (in some cases) take further action during the week. Report back to your group what insights or lessons you learned.



Week 7: Gather Feedback

Ask a client for the first word that comes to mind when they think of your firm. Was it what you expected? Why?


You can look at the bottom of each card for additional resources and ways to get engaged. Be sure to share your progress with the community we’ve created, and read their stories to learn even more from others on the same journey.

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