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Activate Promoters

You’ve done the hard part! You found a potential client, you earned their trust and their business, and you have or are delivering a spectacular project. You’ve asked for feedback, and the client has said emphatically: “Yes, I am very likely to recommend you to a friend or colleague!”

What do you do next?

How often do we put off doing something because we’re not exactly sure how? It’s like that stack of papers on our desk that we’ll “get to one of these days.” Your client promoters may need some guidance on how to make an effective recommendation. Your next step – make it easy for them.

Our research has shown there are three key phases to activating your promoters:
Research, Relate, and React. Research includes the work required to prepare for a conversation with the promoter. Relate includes scheduling and meeting with your promoter. React includes the work you do after the meeting to capitalize on the conversation.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to receive your step-by-step guide to activating on your promoters. This guide provides a check-list of steps within each of the three phases. You will quickly be able to plan and track your efforts to activate each promoter.