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5 minutes to a better client experience

Client Experience (CX) is and will continue to be the differentiator for firms according to research by Forrester and Gartner. Clients compare the experience they have with your firm with the last time they ordered from Apple or Amazon. Has your firm begun designing and implementing your CX Strategy?

The Client Experience Deck – “CX Deck” is a card game created to help teams within professional services firms get started quickly, easily, and organically. All it takes is 5 minutes every week.

Practice Empathy

What is it like for a new client to get started working with your firm? Take a step back and look at the process through their lens. Can you imagine a moment when they might wonder, “What’s next?”

How can your team close that knowledge gap for your client?

CX Moments

CX Moments do not have to be complex, they are intentional. Card #22 asks the question, “Do you have a vendor that introduces extra work into the project for your client? How could you help streamline the process for your client?”

How would your team answer that question?

Gather Feedback

Asking for feedback at the end of a project is nothing more than an autopsy. Think about it, the project is over, there is nothing you can do to change your client’s experience, and you ask them “How did we do?”

Don’t assume your clients will tell you if there are things you can do to make their lives easier. Ask!

Client Stories

How does your team celebrate your clients’ success (and your role in helping them get there)? One way to get your whole team engaged in creating client success stories is to celebrate the victory and recognize everyone involved.

“My client accomplished ____, which was good for him because ____. I helped him do that by ____.”